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   In the recent past, Dr. Gopalakrishnan Nair spent enormous amount of time in multidisciplinary research which resulted in about 60 papers and around 10 patents along with 4 Ph.D. awards. His work culminated in generating a few new analytical approaches in software engineering and few metrics for improving software production like Depth of Inspection (DI) and Inspection Performance Metric (IPM). They are already published in American Society for Quality (ASQ) along with Carnegie Mellon and Caltech.  Also, he introduced analytical methods to assess the external quality factors of software like reusability, defect-proneness and maintainability. Various other models like Video on Demand optimization and Intelligent & autonomic systems in communications, (like Cognitive Routers) are few other inventions. He prepared and delivered 42 Keynote addresses at International and National levels addressing Multidisciplinary Technology Development and Economics. Most significant contribution is that he organized and administered multidisciplinary research interest groups to develop world class theories and results. His deep work in to biological neurons and its properties to form computational cognition is under publication process. He believes that motivated research carried out in India, can create products and process which can definitely produce considerable breeze in the world, if not storms. He wishes to bring out the proper segregated thrust in Science, Technology and Engineering rather than overemphasizing any one of them despite the society is deeply unconcerned of their differences and equal importance. He urges the Custodians of Education Systems to realize the fact that the 21st Century requires the cross migration of knowledge like 'a biologist taking a Masters in Computer Technology' and a mechanical engineer taking a Biotechnology qualification.  He believes, a spectrum of educational courses integrating Science and principles of Engineering are required which are entirely different from 20th century Engineering systems,  and he observes that  Indian conventional systems are far behind to gear up for this.     


 He established the Research and Industry Incubation Centre (RIIC) ( Bangalore, India) to promote research in a multidisciplinary mode to achieve excellence in frontier areas. There is a designed cross migration of knowledge across different research interest groups. Over the past few years, the centre has attained a status of one of the leading research houses in the field of Software Engineering, Nanotechnology, Image Processing & Computer Vision, Advanced Networking, Proteomics & Bioinformatics, Real Time Embedded systems and Advanced Communication Technology.

Different research interest groups are working in the following domains

1.           Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Research Group.

2.           Advanced Software Engineering Research Group.

3.           Nano Technology Research Group.

4.           Bio Computing Systems Research Group.

5.           Advanced Real-Time systems Group.

6.           Advanced Network Research Interest Group.

7.           Computer Vision and Image Processing Group.



  • Education from the leading Institutions like IISc. , Bangalore

  • Experience in Electronics, Computers, Aerospace and Business
  • Leading Roles in these domains
  • Awards received include: PARAM award, Intel IRMX award, TeamTech Research Excellence Award
  • IEEE Senior member for two decades, ACM member


The research is a passion.  There are several products, process and principles developed during this period. Total Number of publications include 75 Technical papers. No of patents 3. No of products developed 17.

Other  details of achievements are shown in resume

Research papers in leading Knowledge Servers like Cornell Arxiv, UniTrier DBLP, etc.

Till 2010

  • Around 90 Research Papers
  • 42 Keynote addresses
  • Several International Visits and Presentations
  • 3 patents, 6 under Processing 
  • 5 Book chapters- International
  • The Development of  "International Journal of Research and Industry in two streams",
  • Industrial Consultancy