Dr.T.R.Gopalakrishnan Nair

"Work is worship"

Transforming the Century



"Advances In Sensor Systems", International Conference, TeamTech 2008, IISc., Bangalore, India.







Advances in Sensor Systems, - Key Note Address 

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"Autonomic Systems in Business and Manufacturing", Bangalore, India. 2009

                                                               Autonomic Systems in Business and Manufacturing (Click on the middle Symbol)

"Outsourcing Scenarios in Aerospace Technology", India Conference on Aerospace Technology, Trivandrum, 2006

Outsourcing Scenarios in Aerospace Technology (Click on the middle Symbol)

"Advances in Software Engineering, International Seminar on Software Engineering", Bangalore, India. ( Leeds Metropolitan, UK, and RIIC )


"Advances in Design Automation in Software", ICT -2008, Lyon, France.

"Multi Disciplinary Research- The pathway to Success", "International Symposium, Proteomics", Bangalore, India  
'On the Horizons of Cloud Computing', Cochin, 2011

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  • Education from the leading Institutions like IISc , Bangalore
  • Experience in Electronics, Computers,Aerospace and Business
  • Leading Roles in these domains
  • Awards received include PARAM award, TeamTech Award, Intel IRMX Award ,
  • IEEE Senior member for two decades, Member ACM



The research is a passion.  There are several products, process and principles developed during this period. Total Number of publications include 75  Technical papers. No of patents 3. No of products developed 17.

Other  details of achievements are shown in resume

Till 2010

  • 95 Research Papers
  • 42 Key note address
  • Several International Visits and Presentations
  • 3 patents
  • 5 book chapters - International
  • The Development of  "International Journal of Research and Industry" www.interjri.com
  • Industrial Consultancy