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Part 1- Leadership Contributions,

Part 2 - Keynote Addresses and Credits,

Part 3 - Books, Patents, Collaborations



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  Part 1


As a Scientist, Administrator, Academician, Engineer, his achievements were multifaceted and were spread over large organizations like ISRO, ER&DC and Educational Institutions.  



                                                                        Leadership Contributions – 3 Decades




Electronics and Communication Systems

Microprocessor based systems Research and design  - System Science, Engineering, Digital Technology

1970s and 1980s

Desktop computer systems and Graphics systems, View-Data systems, Communication Systems


Aerospace Systems engineering

Critical Real-time systems for ground application for Satellite launch vehicles and Payload systems Systems Engineering, Engineering Administration

1980s and 1990

Development of On board processors and Ground systems for Navigation, Guidance and Control of Rockets


Aerospace Simulation Systems

Six Degree of Freedom Flight Simulation using real-time and non real-time methods for space launch vehicles including Hardware in Loop - Systems Modelling, Guidance and Control- Directing Projects


High Performance Computing

Parallel computing methods and high speed computing for simulations , Realtime systems, Advanced Computer Science


MultiDomain Studies

Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network, Expert Systems

1980s and 1990s

Extensive Research: Computer Science, Software Engineering, AI and Robotics, Nanotechnolgy, Real-time systems, Signals and Systems, Bio-Informatics, BioComputing

2000 s

Research and Educational Administration Engineering Administration Activities

1990 - 2008

Institutional Development Activities – (Director), International activities,  

Science and Technology, Policies

2000 s

Technology and Business


  • Study on outsourced IT projects in India
  • Senior advisor to IT Industries of  India
  • Studies on sustainability and diversification of Outsourcing industry
  • Studies on Process Improvement methods CSIAM, Agile Programming Methods

Global Business Transformations, Business process, Technology, and Incubations of Innovations for Entrepreneurship. 

Part 2

Keynote Addresses / Invited Lectures



Keynote Address/ Invited Lectures


Dr.T.R. Gopalakrishnan Nair



1.             New Horizons in International Collaborative Research”, International Seminar, European Union and India Enhanced Cooperation – Research (EUINEC 2010), Bangalore, February 2010.

2.           Science, Technology and Innovations in Emerging Economies”, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), Hyderabad, January 2010.

3.            Emerging Trends in Research in Management Education”, Business Faculty Conference, Bangalore, January 2010.

4.           Role of Innovation in Emerging Economies”, International Seminar,   University of Paderborn, Bangalore, October 2009.

5.           Autonomic Systems in Business and Industry”, IEEE Gold Congress Region-10 Conference, Bangalore, December 2009.

6.           Advances in Business and Manufacturing through Autonomic Systems”, International Conference, Total Engineering Analysis and Manufacturing Technologies (TeamTech), Bangalore, November 2009.

7.           Research Methodology & Opportunities in Wireless Sensor Networks & its Applications”, Auden Institute of Technology and Management, Bangalore, November 2009.

8.           Emerging Economies – A comparison of India and China”,  International Seminar, Indo-German Workshop on Education, Bangalore, October 2009.

9.           Autonomic Features in Future Network”, National Conference on Recent Trends in Network Security and Cryptography, Bangalore, October 2009.

10.       Frontier Opportunities in Medical Imaging through Wide Spectrum Applications and Computer modeling”, National Seminar on Advances in Medical Imaging & Clinical Applications (AMICA-2009), Bangalore, September 2009. 

11.        Dimensions of Research in Emerging Economies”, International Conference in Frontiers of Science and Technology, Bangalore, July 2009.

12.         Nano towards Sensors”, National Seminar on Nano Technology, Bangalore, May 2009.

13.        Derivatives of International Collaborations in Research”, International Symposium on Collaborative Research Programs in Frontiers of Technology, Bangalore, April 2009.

14.       The relevance of Science Day”, Science Day, Labour India Gurukulam, Vagamon, Kottayam, March 2009.

15.        Strategic Vision for Research and Development in ICT”, International Conference, ICT Innovations –2009, Euro –India Research, DST and FICCI, New Delhi, January 2009.

16.        Frontiers in Research in 21st Century”, National Symposium of Doctoral Themes, Bangalore, December 2008.

17.        Universities as Focal Point of Transformation of 21st Century”, IEEE Kerala Section and Institution of Engineers, Trivandrum, December 2008.

18.        Research opportunities in 21st Century”, IEEE Kerala Section and Institution of Engineers, Trivandrum, December 2008.

19.        IPv6 Challenges and Opportunities”, International Conference, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT–2008), Lyon, France, November 2008.

20.       Challenges in Evolutionary Software Testing”, Evolutionary Software Testing Session, International Conference, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT–2008), Lyon, France, November 2008.

21.         Multidisciplinary Research the Key to success in 21st Century”, International Conference on Proteomics, Bangalore, November 2008.

22.       Advances in Sensor Technology”, International Conference, Total Engineering Analysis and Manufacturing Technologies (TeamTech), IISc., Bangalore, September 2008.

23.       Advances in Software Engineering”, International Seminar on Component Based Software Design, Bangalore, August 2008.

24.       Advances and Challenges in Technology”, National Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering and Technology, Mangalore, April 2008.

25.       Innovations in Frontier Areas of Science and Technology”, National Seminar on Advances in Electronics and Communications, Mangalore, April 2008.

26.       Influence of IT in Safety and Security”, Panelist on Safety and Security, Airports Panel Discussion, April 2008.

27.       A Pattern of Human Resources required for Semiconductor Industry for a Decade”, invited talk, Semiconductor Society, Bangalore, March 2008.

28.       Media – how does it influence the Society”, Labour India Institutions, Kottayam, March 2008.

29.       Key Global Changes Indicating Innovation and Enterprise Transformations”, National Seminar on Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship, Bangalore, February 2008.

30.        Cognitive Systems Interactions – Robotics (Intelligent Village), International Conference on Euro India Research FP7, ICT call 3, Bangalore, December 2007.

31.        An Optimal Strategy for Research in Science and Technology for Middle East”, International Conference on Science and Technology, Middle East, October 2007.

32.       Funding Opportunities in Scientific and Technological Research”, International Conference, Total Engineering Analysis and Manufacturing Technologies (TeamTech) , IISc., Bangalore, October 2007.

33.       Technology Transformation and Business Process in 21st Century”, DS School of Business and Technology, Bangalore, September 2007.

34.       Science, Technology and Education – India On Cross Roads”, IEEE, Institution of Engineers, Computer Society of India, Trivandrum, July 2007.

35.       Outsourcing Scenarios in Aerospace Industry”, Conference on Aerospace Engineering, Institution of Engineers, Trivandrum, September 2006.

36.       Future of the outsourcing Industry”, Lecture Series in IITMK, Technopark, Trivandrum, September 2006.

37.       Sustainability of the outsourcing Industry”, Consortium of Professional Societies (IEEE, CSI etc) , Trivandrum, August 2006.

38.       Strategic Planning for IT industry in India”, Institution of Engineers, Trivandrum, August 2005.

39.       Engineering Career – in Transition”, Institution of Engineers and IEEE, Trivandrum, August, 2004. Quoted widely  in Indian News papers,

Ref: http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/2004/08/27/stories/2004082701351900.htm

40.      “Accountability in Higher Education - a New Perspective for 21st Century”, Christ University, Bangalore, April, 2010.

41.      “Autonomic Software Generation”, International Symposium on Advances in Software Engineering – 2010,  Bangalore, August, 2010.

42.   "Pre-Eminence in Research  through the Transformation of Education", Invited Lecture, Graphic Era University, India, September 2010.

42.  Influence of ICT in Advancing Engineering Education”,  Sir M. Viswesaraya Memorial Lecture-150 Year Celebration , Institution of Engineers, Bangalore, September 2010.


Part 3




Type of Activity




Software Process Consultancy


IT Industries, India.


Enterprise and Incubation Modes


MindTrackers, Bangalore, India


Aerospace and Aviation Software Business


AeroIT , Australia


VLSI Design - Industry Process


Under Incorporation, Bangalore, India


Doctoral Candidates


About 15 Doctoral Candidates are working on different Multidisciplinary fields ranging from Software Engineering to Communication Technologies and four doctoral candidates submitting Ph.D. thesis in 2009.


Journal of Research and Industry

As the Chief Editor of InterJRI Science and Technology and InterJRI Computer Science and Networking, edited research papers in frontier areas having International significance with the support of an editorial board drawn internationally. This was widely acclaimed by professionals internationally.


Recent Visits

·         South Korean Universities.

·         Singapore Research Centers.

·         Institutions in France.


Research Accomplishments in 2008 -09

·         New Functional Silicon Processor Design

·         Comprehensive Software Industry Analysis Model

·         Cognitive Software Design Engines

·         Models for Software Defect Management

·         Cognitive Networking Router based on Hidden Markov Model

·         Multicore Processor application in Automotive Engineering

·         Concept Development for  Protein Factory for Environment Control

·          Zinc Oxide as Nanomaterial – A Candidate for Biosensors

  • New variation of ontology to simulate brain with multi axon link based autonomous nodes
  • Anlytical model for calculating team property in software processes
  • Two new metrics in software, ' Depth of inspection' and 'Inspection Performance Metric', ASQ Published, 2010
  • New VoD consumer classifier using ART2 approach for high efficiancy VOD buffer management



Other Achievements

·         About 85 research papers on various thrust areas are published in National, International Journals and peer reviewed Conferences  during 2008-09.

·         Organized eminent Scientists to visit and interact with research teams.

      Organized National and International Seminars on topics ranging from Software Engineering       to Proteomics, Medical Imaging to Entrepreneurship.

·        Major Collaborations were mooted for research Partners like Fraunhofer Institute, Leeds Metropolitan University etc.



  • Education from the leading Institutions like IISc , Bangalore
  • Experience in Electronics, Computers,Aerospace and Business
  • Leading Roles in these domains
  • Awards received include PARAM award
  • IEEE Senior member for two decades



The research is a passion.  There are several products, process and principles developed during this period. Total Number of publications include 85  Research papers. No of patents 3. No of products developed 17.

Other  details of achievements are shown in resume

Till 2010

  • 95 Research Papers
  • 42 Key note address
  • Several International Visits and Presentations
  • 3 patents,6 in process 
  • 6 book / chapters - International
  • The Development of  "Journal of Research and Industry"
  • Industrial Consultancy